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Welcome to Chase Clocks, we hope you enjoy your clock shopping. We have been in the clock business designing, engineering and manufacturing analog and digital clocks for the home and office for over forty years.

We are proud to offer you an advanced selection of analog and digital clocks. Our Auto Set Analog Clocks, Twin Bell Alarm Clocks, Mantle Clocks and Atomic Radio Controlled Digital LCD Clocks are the best in class!

We use our Auto Set clock motor in our wall and mantel clocks. This state of the art clock technology is delivered to you at a wonderful price.

As with our wall clocks our complete line of analog clocks have the auto set clock motor. This clock motor has the date that daylight saving time will occur programmed directly into the motor. These clocks allow you to forget and not worry about what day is daylight saving time.

Our Auto Set clocks will automatically adjust for time in the spring and fall. This clock motor does not need a radio signal to make the time adjustments.

Our radio controlled Digital LCD Atomic Clocks also automatically adjusts for daylight saving time. These clocks receive a time broadcast from National Institute of Technology and Standards in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Our radio controlled clocks are built with a high quality receiver. The receiver on a radio controlled clock is one of the most important components. The receiver is what will determine if the clock is successful at picking up the time broadcast.

A distinctive analog clock that is not a radio controlled clock but completes our line of battery operated clock is our Mantle Clock.  This décor clock looks great in any room.

Chase electric clocks have a feature that keeps the clock operating during electrical power outages. Electric clocks are excellent because you don’t need to change batteries. However, when intermittent power outages occur your electric clock will not display the correct time.   

Our UL approved adapter on our electric clocks has a built in rechargeable battery backup that solves the problem of intermittent power outages. The battery backup will kick in and provide power to the clock during electrical power outages.

The process from electric to battery is automatic. You do not have to do anything.

These advanced features are a direct result of Chase Clocks management’s experience and expertise. This experience is revealed in all aspect of analog and digital clocks from the design phase to the end product.

Our expertise is how we deliver exceptional clocks to our customers. We also have implemented a wholesaler to consumer business model at Chase Clocks. This gives our customer factory direct pricing!

We thank you for clock shopping with us and if you would like to stay up to date on our latest version please visit our Chase Clocks blog.

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